24 days to Sweden Social Web Camp… and I need your help!

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You know what? It’s only 24 days to Sweden Social Web Camp!

First I’ll give you a status update, and then I will ask you for help. It will be a long post, and do at least read the section where I ask for help.

  • 200+ participants have registered! Here is a list of some of them.
  • All rooms are booked, but there is plenty of camping space. There is still place in the army tents, if you don’t want to bring your own tent.
  • Latest day for sign up is 7th of August.
  • However… PayPal have temporarily blocked the PayPal account, so you can’t pay right now.  I am working with them to fix this ASAP. Pretty annoying.
  • The agenda is still rather sketchy, as it should according to unconference rules. You will find some topic ideas on the wiki and on the blog by Jens Plan. I love the idea of blogging your ideas already now, so if you feel for it, please do. I will also revise the wiki the topic-page gets more structured.
  • Internet will probably be slow… We have a 2mbit ADSL connection, and I am working on upgrading it, but since we are on an island I am not 100% sure we will manage to do that. (There are three more unused copper lines we maybe could use).
  • A restaurant will cater to all our food needs. There will also be a kiosk with a selection of snacks, I believe. But if you want something extra, you should bring it. We have access to fridges.
  • The latest boat you should catch leaves 18:00 on Friday. That gives us one hour of check in before it all start at 19:00. Arrive earlier if you want, the island is lovely, but I also know that some of you will travel far and can’t make it earlier.

As for sponsors it is going well:

But there are still opportunities to get involved.

  • Friday barbecue. Another 10000 SEK would make the Friday barbecue complete!
  • Saturday lunch will cost 80 kr/person. The price tag for sponsoring the lunch is approximately 18000 SEK. It would be much appreciated!
  • Saturday dinner. This is the main get together. Sponsor whole, 40 000 SEK, or half, 20 000 SEK.
  • In between/late night snack. I guess a couple of thousand SEK for sandwiches etc.
  • The twittering bus from Stockholm! We have still not solved the twittering bus from Stockholm. A lot of people are planning to take it, though, so I hope we can find a solution. The buss is 17500 SEK to rent.
  • “Party”-tents? In case the weather gets bad, I can be handy to have some tents. We have indoor space, but it might get a little crowded, now when we are 200+ participants.

Now you know how things are progressing, and I think we are doing well.

Here is how you can help:

1. Look at the sponsor list and think… :).

  • Do you know a potential sponsor?
  • Maybe your company can help out?

2. The 2 mbit internet connection could be faster… 🙂

  • Do you have great contacts at telecom companies or broad band providers?
  • Do you know someone that works with ADSL and now how to quickly plugin the unused copper-wires to the island?
  • Do you have access to radio link-equipment, so we can hook up to a fiber on the main land?
  • Do you know someone who knows where all fibers in Southern Sweden run?

That’s it for now! Can’t wait to meet you all.

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  2. Mathias Johansson

    28. Jul, 2009

    If the 3G network isn’t all that bad one can buy a couple of routers (1 100 SEK/each) where one can plug in 3G modems and create a wifi hotspot sharing the 3G-connection.


  3. Surftips

    28. Jul, 2009

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  4. Bo

    29. Jul, 2009

    Valtech blir nog gladare om du ger dem en riktig länk.

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  8. Tomas Wennström

    29. Jul, 2009

    @Bo: Fixat! Tack.

  9. Jonk

    29. Jul, 2009

    Hur funkar det med båten? Vilka tider går båtarna? Ingår det i priset? Parkerar man på fastlandet?

  10. Jonk

    29. Jul, 2009

  11. Tomas Wennström

    29. Jul, 2009

    @jonk: Båten ingår i anmälningsavgiften. Du parkerar på fastlandet, Båtresan tar cirka 15 minuter. Båten avgår cirkus varje timme, schemat kommer att anpassas till oss.

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