190 signups for Sweden Social Web Camp. Now the fun begins

Posted on 23. Jun, 2009 by in Uncategorized

Just counted the signups for Sweden Social Web Camp. And I had to scroll quite a bit before I reached 190! This means we will be well over 200 when we the 21 – 23 of August invade Tjärö.

Now the fun preparations start. I will now start to work on a preliminary program. You are welcome to help out by suggesting topics you would find interesting here.

I will also look more into sponsors to partner with. If you know some company or organization that might find it interesting to sponsor 1) the twittering bus from Stockholm (17500 SEK), 2) a dinner or lunch at the camp (approx 100×200 =20000 SEK), 3) something to drink… or 4) something other cool, help me out with contacts! Already know Good Old will sponsor the fleeting sauna, the Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy have arranged a free bus from Skåne and Netport offers space in the two army tents.

I know many of you will go to Reboot in Copenhagen, one of the highlights of the year. I will most likely not attend, but please spread the word about the camp, if you go there. The more the merrier!

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