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The Chris Anderson blog race continues!

Now the discussion is shifting towards the struggling media industry, much affected by the free culture on the Internet.

At SSBD, Sofia Mirjamsdotter, inspired by Mindpark, explores the idea of not printing newspapers altogether, to force advertisers towards the web.

“Because it’s the advertisers that pay for the journalism. Not the consumers. They pay for the distribution. Their computer, their broadband connection, their mobile phone.
And isn’t the current recession an excellent time to instead of investing in costly printing presses dare to invest in becoming the best on the web – not just at the content, but also for the adverting customers that have earlier been faithful to the daily newspapers but has an equally great need as the newspapers to find new models for their survival.”

Mikael Zackrisson at Veckans Affärer follows with more thoughts on four things you can sell as a media company in a world of Free:

* Relationships
* Availability
* Customer experiences
* The unique

My comment on this last post is that Mikael moves towards the thoughts of Kevin Kelly, who says that “When copies are free, you need to sell things which can not be copied.’

If you are in the media industry, bookmark, link, email or print these posts and put them on your fridge. Why? Because they pinpoint two crucial questions that I’m sure will be brought up at every single board meeting in the coming recession.

1. In what situation does it not make sense to print a paper anymore?

2. What can we actually sell, that is not content?

Also, check out who took the opportunity to just jump into the blog race with this post, describing in detail how the Nine Inch Nail album release fits neatly into the Freemium business model!


Eirik Solheim at NRKBeta wonders if a “Free” business model is a threat or an opportunity for public service broadcasters, a question which was also raised in the panel discussion at Media Evolution.

Mikael Zackrisson jumped into the discussion again with “What if there isn’t a digital business model?”.

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