Trust on the web

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What can make or break a web project? The way you handle “trust”, according to Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung from Trustmojo.
In this talk Eric and Alexander gives both theoretic as well as real life examples of how you can work with trust in your web project.

You will see different behaviors among your users if you for example have an explicit rating system for how trustworthy some one is, ie the way ebay have done, or if don’t disclose how you rank someones trustworthiness. The incentive to game the ranking is in the later case much less.

Eric and Alexander spook at the web 2.0 conference Hej! 2007. This episode is recorded right after, at a quite noisy pub. They also run their consultancy firm Strategy & Interaction.

Interview in Swedish.


4 Responses to “Trust on the web”

  1. sriram

    03. May, 2007

    Oh no, it’s in swedish!

  2. tomas

    04. May, 2007

    Sorry for that Sriram! I might create a stream just for the english content in the future, once I get more of it.


  3. sriram

    04. May, 2007

    No probs man! Met Beata yesterday and she is looking forward to the interview! =)

  4. […] 17:34 In the Small hall where the AC seems to work. The talk on Trust by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss starts off fine. This looks like it could very well turn out to be the most well designed presentation, sweet. Also, that laptopback sticker collection is mighty impressive =).(…) Swell presentation even though I heard most of it at what’snext a few weeks ago. […]