Spotify – streaming music in a new way. But how?

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There is a lot of buzz around Spotify, a Stockholm based startup in the streaming music business. In this interview, Andreas Ehn, CTO at Spotify, tells us about the upcoming Spotify beta.

Although the service is said to be something extra, not many details are yet relieved by Andreas Ehn.
Recorded at the Hej! 2007 web 2.0 conference. In Swedish.

Update 2007-05-14

I have now tested Spotify for some time, and it is quite amazing (quick, easy to use, large bank of music), but lacking some community functions. Look out for the official release at spotify.


3 Responses to “Spotify – streaming music in a new way. But how?”

  1. Hannes

    22. Apr, 2007

    … men ingen fil?

  2. Joining the buzz

    13. May, 2007

    […] Listening to What’s next interview with Spotify (swedish only), they’re quite silent on their future plans, however they mention special radio channels as one example. Choosing a musical mix that is targeting a special demographic and then selling ads based on that demographic. But how is that different from traditional radio? […]

  3. […] Vi hoppas att snart få till en intervju med Spotifys grundare och VD Daniel Ek. I väntan på den tipsar vi om den intervju vi gjorde dagarna innan Spotify släpptes för ett och ett halvt år sen. […]