iPhoneapp för SSWC!

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Today I got a call with an amazing offer from Niklas Jonson Appcorn. They want to build an iPhone app for Sweden Social Web Camp! Fantastic!

I promised Niclas to jot down what I think would be fun features. Please add your ideas.

  • Tweet-stream. Display everything using the hash #sswc.
  • Map 1. A google map with all the houses, venues, sights, barbecue-places etc on the island.
  • Map 2. Live locations. Show where other appusers are right now, using the built in GPS.
  • The agenda. What is going on right now?
  • Leave hidden messages. Type a message and leave it some where on the island. Only visible if you get close enough.

What other features should a good conference/festival iPhone app have?

11 Responses to “iPhoneapp för SSWC!”

  1. A who’s who at the webcamp, maybe a small bio and picture on every camper. No nametags necessary.

  2. Gustav

    10. Aug, 2009

    • A calendar everyone (who are there) can edit?
    • A list with discussion topics everyone can edit.
    • Push notifications for cool things that happens (“come to our tent! an interesting discussion just started about twitter!”)

  3. Jenefeldt

    10. Aug, 2009

    Somehow show pics from the SSWC-pool on Flickr (wich I suppose everyone will use eagerly). I don’t know if its possible or even a good thing to have, but it sounds cool.

  4. Pelle

    10. Aug, 2009

    If we’re not going to live by something like “what happens at the camp stays at the camp” then it would be nice to be able to note stuff about people for future reference.

    To ty the network of peoples at the camp together with the thoughts, the facts, the ideas, the place so that when we get back home we will have an inspirational archive to look back at when we feel that our minds has gone completely blank and to have these small bits of information that we can associate with and remember stuff otherwise forgotten.

    A list of attendees with the possibility of adding notes to each attendee, perhaps both public and private.

    Adding small descriptive relations between people (not necessarily including yourself) describing something those two experienced together at the camp.

    (That’s some crazy thoughts – but hey – it’s fun to be crazy sometimes)

  5. Joakim Jardenberg

    10. Aug, 2009

    Full wiki access

  6. tjompa

    10. Aug, 2009

    A slightly more laidback function that would be nice; behind which bush, tent, wave can I find someone to toast with. A position, notification or similar. Alcohol builds bridges ;). Thats it, a “bridge button” for those over 18.

  7. […] sak som att han av Niclas Jonson blivit lovad  – med hjälp av kommande campares egen input – en  iPhone-app speciellt utvecklad till SSWC vittnar rätt bra om vilket engagemang som bubblar där […]

  8. […] Innan dess var det ett betydligt positivare som damp in om att Appcorn vill bygga en bygga en Iphone-app för SSWC […]

  9. Anders Abrahamsson

    11. Aug, 2009

    What about an auto-reminder built in for all iPhone-developers that there are OTHER Mobile OSes out there?

    After all, we’re in Blekinge, home of a part of Mobile OS and Symbian UIQ development (now bankrupt and I guess talent from there sucked up elsewhere…), so let’s put some wider conversation of e. g. the goldmine that lies into systematic cloning of the most popular iPhone apps migrating and getting adapted for other platforms!


    proud user of Nokia “The Tube” 5800 suiting my needs very well… Symbian S60v5 galore!

  10. Tore

    12. Aug, 2009

    Great idea. I like the twitter-stream and calender.
    A web version for all of us who haven’t got iphone would be nice as well. 🙂

  11. Jakob

    15. Aug, 2009

    Maybe something like this?

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