Jaiku – interview with Andy Smith

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Jaiku is best described as a nano or micro blogging service, which enables blogging from mobiles (or computers) but where all entries are restricted to 140 characters.


The service has received a lot of attention the last month. Andy Smith of Jaiku explains why Jaiku gives your beer and myspace not, how Jaiku differs from Twitter and the future of nano-blogging (although Andy thinks the “nano” is a too simplistic term).

And while on the subject, you find me on Jaiku at tomasw.jaiku.com.

This episode was recorded at the web 2.0 conference Hej! 2007 in Stockholm. In English.


3 Responses to “Jaiku – interview with Andy Smith”

  1. Sriram

    23. Apr, 2007

    Nice interview…but it stops half way. =(

  2. […]  So, Fredrik -thanks for the invite, but unless something dramatically happens I will not do much with Twitter. And, as I said on the gig, Jaiku is much cooler the saying goes (listen to What’s Next’s interview with Andy Smith from Jaiku). Not there yet, probably will – but my sons schooling currently has higher priority. […]

  3. tomas

    04. May, 2007